Sho Gun Roll 
Spicy Grilled shrimp, wasabi mayo, cucumber topped with assorted massago 

Super Roll

California Roll

Artificial Crab meat salad, cucumbers and orange massago

Supreme California
Tempura artificial crab, Asian Curry mayo, cucumbers topped with artificial crab salad.

Smoke Bomb Roll

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, aioli sauce topped with Sriracha, sushi sauce, aioli sauce and spicy crab salad

Philadelphia Roll
Fresh Alaskan Pink Salmon, cream cheese, spicy mayo, cucumber topped with sesame seeds, Japanese seven space, spicy mayo and chives

Nigiri Platter

20 Piece Premium Combo

One Sho Gun Roll & One Spicy Crab Roll

20 Piece Crab Combo

One Tempura Crab Roll & One California Roll

Fire Cracker Roll

Spicy Crab Roll
Smokey Salmon Roll
Firecracker Roll
20 Piece Crab Combo
Chef’s Platter
The Mix Up
The Super Roll
The Veggie Roll
The Flaming Roll
The Tempura Shrimp Roll
The Smoke Bomb Roll
The Smokey Salmon Roll